The senior thesis exhibition at Bloomsburg University has always been a right of passage, a time for the students to showcase the culmination of four years of growth and development. For the graduating seniors, it is a moment when they put their work together, stand back, and see how far they have come. It is also a time when the faculty have a moment to reflect on the evolution of these young artists and designers from curious and hopeful to confident and professional. It would be an understatement to say that this semester has been one of turmoil, fear, and disappointment, as the culminating semester of these students' undergraduate careers atomized into private workspaces scattered across the region. We hope that this online senior capstone exhibition will allow the students to have a way to say goodbye to each other as they move on to their professional lives, and allow them to see that they did it together.

From the Faculty

The faculty of the Department of Art and Art History would like to say thank you for the hours of work, for the advances you made, and for being the community that makes the department such a vibrant place.